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Project Samples

This is a small selection of personal projects that I have worked on over the years. All projects have been designed and coded by me. Some are older than others. This shouldn't really be considered a portfolio, just things I enjoyed working on over the years. Some are by the public, some are only used by myself, and some are just tech demos for fun. Most of my work has been webapps I have developed for employers over the years.

Book Diary

I wanted to be able to look at the books I read in a quicker way, in an interface that was easier for me to read than what goodreads™ offered. I wanted to easily see how many books, pages, etc I had read in a year, or a month. I also wanted to be able to find books based off my ratings. This application does this.

Frontend: Vite, Bootstrap, React, SASS, Typescript, Vitest

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Book Diary on Github

Created 2023 - Last updated 2024


A web app for tracking and viewing daily trivia answers for a small community.

Frontend: Vite, React, React Router, Formik, yup, MaterialUI, emotionjs,Typescript, msw, Vitest, msw, Netlify

Backend: Express, Mongoose, bcrypt, jsonwebtoken, Heroku

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Triviants on Github is a Private Repo

Created 2023 - Last updated 2024

Fret Master

A tool for learning the notes on the fretboard of a variety of stringed instruments.

Frontend: Vite, Bootstrap, React, SASS, Typescript, Vitest

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Fret Master on Github

Created 2018 - Last Updated 2023

Mad Minute Music

Frontend: Vite, Bootstrap, React, SASS, Typescript, Vitest

Mad Minute Music is a tool to quickly generate note naming worksheets for music students.

  • Pick from one to four clefs including all of your personal favorites: treble, bass, alto, and even the dreaded tenor.
  • Up to 60 questions per worksheet.
  • Choose if you want a question slot to have no note, or a particular clef.
  • Chose from any combination of key signatures.
  • Worksheet didn't turn out the way you wanted? Easily go back and edit it and try again!
  • Easily print just what you need, no extraneous images or site interface will print on a worksheet.
  • Frontend: JQuery, QUnit, Bootstrap, CSS, Vexflow

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Mad Minute Music on Github

Created 2015 - Last Updated 2019

Monkey Music

Proof of concept note naming game.

Frontend: HTML Canvas, CSS, Graphing Library

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Created ??? - Last Updated ???